It's An Inside Job offers an eloquently written old lesson of truth that remains within us all - that we continue to look outside of ourselves for what lies within. The restoration in here is that when they (or really all the pieces of Dorothy) come together and find they had the brain, heart and courage all along. Providing simple steps to continue moving forward with ease. There is no place like home!
Mary Macphee
I have received great benefit from John McMillan's teachings. It is refreshing to learn from someone who is open to sharing his own discovery and process, and able to transpose it to a powerful teaching moment - and then make it practical to use right away. Thank you John for the light you are! Onward to reaching more with your message of healing and growth.
Diana Sterling
What I find difficult during this age is connecting with those who approach their life's work with integrity and have a true commitment to inspiring others to make a serious commitment to a fulfilled and productive life. Not many mentors have earned the right to speak or write to those of us who seek a guide to support us on our mission. John has earned this right. You are about to embark on an amazing journey with John McMillan hang on and pay attention it will be the most amazing ride of your life.
Elizabeth Da Silva